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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Harimau Malaya mengaum...!~


It was a very exciting game last night! I shouted like hell man! Ha ha..
Almost forgot how excited I was watching Malaysian Football Team played. But the game between Malaysia and Indonesia last night, was the best in 2010. 
Playing in Indonesia wasn't the best option ever, as we know how immature the supporters had been even to their own facility! Its pretty weird to me when I read that they even vandalized their own stadium as a result of short of ticket for the game. Barbarians are still around huh? Shame on you all! 

I watched the game at the benefit of my own home. Its exciting and adrenalin-pumping moments watching how Harimau Malaya played their heart out defending our goalie. The goalkeeper (Khairul Fahmi) has been very good in carrying out his responsibility saving up few 'so-close-goals'. Safee Sali's only goal last night was a goal to remember! It was so precise! 

After 14 years of waiting, finally we had the chance to held our head up high and be proud of our team. We won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. It is such an honor to win that isn't it? After all the critics from every angle on how bad the football performance of our team had been, this has to be the eye-opener to all! 

Anyway, just a quick reminder, stay strong and teamed up to be the best as Malaysia is at par with other Asian countries out there. Sometimes being critical and sarcastic is very helpful as long as we take all the criticisms to the positive side. 
Congrats to our football team for the success! Thanks for all the effort! Thanks to K.Rajagopal for coaching them! 
Thanks to our PM for the public holiday! :) 

Shinosuke : Rindu nak bebel kat awak la..! :p 

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