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Friday, December 24, 2010

La Viva Liya is getting married...!! :)


It is such a shocking news when Liya cracked out that she's getting married this Christmas. All of a sudden dear!

Hmm..she's like a best friend to me. Its Liya & Zura, the first trainee that I had to trained back then when I was just a senior accounts. Not so senior, but felt like one though haha..! She used to be a great listener to all my HOT n NOT SO HOT stories. And i mean a really good listener when she always forgets what I had told her! Haha..

Its a relieved that finally she's good in Yusriq's hands (can't remember whether I had his name correct here). I am super happy for her, knowing what she had gone through in first half of 2010. But she's such a superhero that she's bold enough to come up with such decisions. Kudos to you, dear! :) I am super proud of you! I wish this moment I am as bold as you guys are! :)

Thanks for all the sweet moments that we shared together. 
Thanks for the Layang² Day & Trip to Putrajaya, together with Nan, HH and Hajar. Had lots of fun on that day!
Thanks for accompanying me to Go Youth back then in 2009.
Thanks for being there for me when I'm in my ups and downs.
Will remember those moments for the rest of our lives. 

Just a quick reminder : Don't you ever forget me and all of us here in P.S. Yap & Associates. Cherish every moments of your upcoming phase in life. I will always be there to pray for your happiness. Just have faith in whatever you're doing, dear! Anyway wishing you a blissful marriage, may Allah blessed every second of your new steps. :)

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