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Monday, December 27, 2010

Update : Liya's Wedding + Yana Rina's Guilty Pleasures


It looks like its pretty late to update on Liya's Reception. Anyway, I just had to update on this! 
It was a simple yet beautiful reception, so simple that the bride and groom looks like they're really enjoying their time! Stress-free moments! Unlike some people who're just unable to smile as sincere as they should due to many unresolved and unpredictable circumstances, which is not what they would want to happen ever in their big day. 

It was an emotional moments for me, knowing how matured she had been! She's finally settling down with the 'one'! I was so happy! The happiest moment has always been the photography session. I Snapped lots of photos together with the couple. Smiling all the way, anyway, just a remark here, its the most sincere smile I had, post 5/12/2010 events!

K.Tini, Hajar, Umi, Mariam & I were having our best time on that day! Next year it gonna be K.Tini's turn! I am looking forward to that reception! I am trying my best to slim down as much as I can so that I can wear something decent and pretty on that day, ha ha! Dream on, Yana! Anyway, dreaming is the best way to be successful, provided that we're trying our best to realize that dream!

Sneak Peak of the pictures of Liya's reception : 

Right after the reception, I drove all the way from Ampang to Sri Gombak for the next unplanned gathering with my dearest Rina. My BFF forever! The only few left, whom I trust the rest of my life, who'll be there for me no matter what happen. Love you so much, Rina.  I admit that I have a very short list of BFF, as it is not easy for me to trust people. I found it very hard to even trust my own family. Funny isn't it? But that is how exactly I felt. 

We had our girl talk, as usual! Chatty Yana + Chatty Rina! Hahaha...! Its a great meeting anyway! Discussing what's up with our life since the past few weeks, after the meeting where I told her bout what had happened to me and him. We also had our guilty pleasure treat at Secret Recipe Sri Gombak. Having our girl talk there for hours. Its fun! I really wish that we could stay that way forever. Chilling out talking for hours without anyone bothering us, no phone calls + no smses. It is simply fulfilling! 

I'm pretty sure that 1 day all that has to stop, when the time come that she is to be taken over by a husband. But, the friendship remains and never can end. That's the only faith that I keep in my heart when it comes times where I really missed him and his company. He'll always be my best friend forever! Stays no 1 in my heart. :) 

Me and my pic madness : 

** I really want that Black Heel..! Will make sure I'll get my hand on that.. :D 

Shinosuke : Saya pun boleh bahagia mcm awak ye..Thanks sbb jadi penyimpan rahsia terhebat abad ini..! :)

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