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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update : Sayonara 2010, Hello 2011


Hmm apa la agaknya yang Cik Yana (CY) nak sembangkn lam update ni yek? Cepatnya kan masa berlalu, dup dap dup dap dh masuk bulan Dec 2010, dh akhir tahun dh..! Nampaknya dh masuk time utk muhasabah pencapaian diri sendri lam sume aspek kehidupan ni. Apa la ye yg CY n sume kwn2 dh dapat capai lam thn 2010 ni? Semoga 2010 ni lebih baik dr 2009 n thn2 sebelumnya.

Arini dh 2nd Dec 2010...apa la agaknya yg akan berlaku lam hidup CY ye thn 2011..? 2010 ni pn byk betul perkara yg mbuatkn CY terkedu bila terpikir balik. Salah satunya bila ex-bos pggl balik utk duk kt kerusi A/c Mgr tu. Sape sangka kan CY akan duk kerusi panas tu..? Bukan kerja senang ye...kalo x caye tanya la ngan ex-mgr tu sendiri.

Jawapan yg pasti terpacul keluar dari mulut dia : "If you wanna know exactly how it feels, please feel free to experience it..!"

Memang betul la apa yang dia cakap tu! I know very well coz I experienced it this very moment..its not as easy as it takes lots of sacrifices and nerves..Trust me..! Ma used to say that I'm better off working as an exec like I used I had more time..! Well, more time which is not filled with anything isn't what I wished for OK? It just felt empty! So i opted to work really hard to fill those emptiness..Its not tat I had no one by my side, but it seems tat WORK gives me all tat I want..!

WORK doesn't judge...
WORK doesn't get angry...
WORK doesn't try to find your fault...
WORK will never let you down...

I love what I'm doing tis moment..even though I know tat I can't stay tis way forever...sometime later I'll get tired...Frankly, its better to get tired doing something than tired of doing nothing... :)

OK..what I've been up to tis few months...? I've been very busy with the work + upgrading myself into someone tat I can be proud of. How do I do that? I enrolled in an Intellectual Property & Network Marketing biz. Sounds familiar? Well, you can think what you wanna think...its not gonna affect d way I think of myself..coz what I think of myself is way more important..! :)

I've read Robert Kiyosaki's Business School (Rich Dad Poor Dad Series). Its a great book..! I suggest everyone should read this..!! Regardless of you dreaming of becoming rich in any way other than biz, this book will definitely help you..! I am so into his books. This very moment, I am eagerly reading through his book entitled Cash Flow Quadrant. Its a great book as well, I learned a lot from it..!! Who would've thought tat I would read such 'boring' books and end up recommending that to my friends? Arghhh its absurd isn't it?

Anyway I found out tat at a certain point of time, when you started to change your circle of friends, started to stay apart from those who always undermine you, those who just won't change, and those who love just d way they live their life tis moment, you just wanna make sure tat you don't end up regretting every breath of your future life...

I just wanna be able to held my head up high and be proud of ME! I really hope tat whatever tat I'm starting this moment will help me towards that..Amin.. :)

Atkins Update : Lost 8 kgs since 21/9/2010 up to today...Its slow I admit, but I'm satisfied as I know tat I seldom go exercising..If I do a little bit more exercise, it would boost d weight loss.. :) Go Yana GO..!!

Love Life Update : NONE. No string attached. Love my BFFs & Family.

Career Update : Surviving the Peak Period very WELL. Still in learning mode. Learning to LEAD people. People Skill by Les Giblin might help.! :)

Financial Update : P & C

Biz Update : Baby steps towards becoming the Left Quadrant Biz Owner.

2011 Resolution : TBA soon.

OK..enough of all tis crap..i'm so sleepy tis moment..!! hehe...Can't wait for tis Sunday..! lalalalala :)

Till then. Babai. Wassalam.. :)



  1. Salam Ma'al Hijrah...Good Luck & All The Best For The Year To Come....

  2. Marya : Thanks dear..!! same goes to u..! :)