Sunday, August 30, 2009

:) Life after 'Death'....


It's been long since d last post..juz don't get it..tis is suppose to be my long lost diary..
wonder y am I so reluctant to post things tat happen in here...again!!! d LAZY virus!! ;) tat I'm employed..I must be happy i I dun have to think bout goin to damn interviews n e-mailing my CV to potential employers..haha guess its over for now..
For now...
hmm...Lifetech Solutions S/B...being d Accounts Executive..sounds me its not tat NIce though..
ppl are talking bout how long i could survive d hell..haha..we'll see...
been there for d past 2 weeks...been getting +ve & -ve energy all at d same time..
but I guess its not worth it to juz judge or presume smthg b4 I get to know d real details...
I hate to let other ppl influence how I act n feel..its totally bullshit..
so I gotta start looking forward n juz mind my own biz..juz forget how to socialize if its gonna make me hate myself n other ppl later on...
I learned well tat its better to stay apart n be as neutral as I can...n never get into other ppl's nerves...coz it will save me from being other ppl's punching bag..
Ramadhan tis month of the year..d ambiance..d festive everything bout Ramadhan..
tis Ramadhan, its different..unlike last year..last year I'm wif family n loved ones..but tis year I'm wif a companion..d one tat knows how to make me feel better bout myself..d one who helped me go thru all d tension n stress i had new best fren..:)
looking forward to spending years wif tis new best fren of mine..hope tat tis friendship will lasts forever..Amin.. :)
Recently got gud news from Yen n Kak Tini..I'm d happiest person on earth I guess..haha finally they found d one they've been looking for...I'll always pray for their happiness...Hope they get married soon..Can't wait for d Nasi Minyak :)
God Bless U Guys!!
Hmm...Aja n Yana..whats happening to us?? Haha...we're like stuck at d end of d road..stuck stuck stuck..but we'll always stay strong..rite Aja? coz tats what makes us Alive n Kickin..:)
Career comes first when Love is nowhere along d road........ :)
Luv :: Azliana Azlan ::