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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 2011


It must be a very interesting moment, counting down the time to welcome 2011. To some people perhaps. But to me it was not something that I anxiously looking forward to. 
 I would never want to leave 2010 where there's simply tonnes of memories of me and him. Memories that I'm unable to leave behind and forget the rest of my life as it is too deep to leave out so that it perished by time. 
Probably K.Anne is right when she claimed that he had found the 'knife of his kitchen'. Since he had found his 'knife', my presence would be a nuisance, which is why this very moment I am so thankful that I decided to end all that. :) 
I could never be proud of myself than how I really feel after knowing that he is better off without me. It is painful, I admit it, but if I had to do anything to make him happy and smile like he never smiled before, I am willing to do so. I really wish he knows how much I care about his happiness. I wish that he would never forget me. Even though I know that he would never remember me and my presence in his life, but I know that I had impacted his life at a certain point of time. 

OK. Enough about the sadness! Even this moment I am crying my heart out cause I miss him so much. 

2010 : Has been a great year for me. It taught me to be a better person. It taught me that it is better not to be so attached and close to a friend, because someday, we might lose him for good. It thought me how difficult it is to manage people, how to control people. It also taught me on how valuable friendship is, how important every single person that walked into our life. It taught me that it is better to stay in-tact with how exactly we felt than to be a victim of the situation, when we failed to expressed out our feeling. It has been a year of smiles, fun, joy, cries, sadness, griefs, success, failures, disappointments, mixed feelings all year round. If I had to describe 2010 as something, it would be a glass half full rather than a glass half empty. It is a year that I would never forget. A year where it all ended, ended for good cause. 

If only I had the chance to meet him again, one fine day, I would thank him for teaching me tonnes of lessons. He may not realized it, maybe it is not that important to him. But, every single thing that he shared with me, it is buried deep inside. Everything about him, ended in 2010. So sad, but I had no choice.
Shinosuke : Thanks dear! Really miss you! Please take care of yourself and your other halves. 

2011 : Praying to Allah S.W.T that it is going to be a great year. For my life, career, health, finance, personal, parents, family and all aspects of life. Chanting the same prayer to all the people that I love, respect, adore, family & friends. 

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