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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update : My 'Pelangi Petang' ...


It's 5th of January 2011. One month after what had happened. 
Seems that it is so easy to live the life post that event, to all the people around me. To those who knew very well what had befall me for the past one month, they would know how much pain that I had to endure. 
Cried more than I ever cried. But as what a friend used to say : 
"You will know that you love someone when you want him to be happy. Even if that means you're not a part of their happiness." 
I am sure that he's living his life with smiles and happiness this moment. Always pray for his happiness. :) 

All that had happened reminded me of the song by late Sudirman, Pelangi Petang ... I really love that song ... It means a lot ...

Kumeniti awan yang kelabu
Kutempuhi lorong yang berliku
Mencari sinar yang menerangi

Kupercaya pasti suatu masa
Sang suria kan menyinar jua
Membawa harapan yang menggunung

Engkau tiba bagaikan pelangi
Tak bercahya namun kau berseri
Tapi cukup menghiburkan
Hati ini

Seharian waktu bersamamu
Tak terasa saat yang berlalu
Bagai pelangi petang kau kan pasti
Pergi jua...

He is my 'pelangi petang' ... One day he'll leave for good ... But his presence never failed to put a smile and enlighten me with his encouragements ... I will miss him forever even though he's no longer there to help me go through the rough times in life ... Thanks to you for being there even for a short while ... :)

Shinosuke : Saya senyum, macam yang awak selalu remind .... :)

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