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Sunday, March 27, 2011

CY's short update .. :)

Assalammualaikum .. 

This is going to be the shortest entry ever ! (hope so .. not so sure on that , since CY can't stop blabbering when she starts) .. 

Couple of things to update : 

>> PROSBOC Interzone Bowling : 
- CY's team won 8th place out of almost 30 teams .. not bad huh ? guess so ..  For double , CY + Hazri won 3rd place .. yeay ! can't imagine that we actually placed among the top 10 !! amazing rite ?? hehe .. even CY had difficulty chewing that fact ! haha .. Thanks to CRSians for your time to spice up the event + boost up our motivation level !! you guys are the BEST !! ~
- I wasn't feeling well yesterday .. had ulser in my mouth ! arghhhhhhhh its killing me ! seriously .. when it was about to spoil my mood , there was another 'stuff' that spoiled my whole mood ! arghhhhhhhh why why why did that happened to me ! why on earth did he had the time to be there yesterday .. aiyoooo .. OK , but I was smart not to let that affected my game .. hmm  not affected my game at all ? come on CY , that was bullshit ! it did affect ! anyway the ignoring + silent treatment suggested to avoid any contact with that 'alien' is working well ... I am proud of myself .. although it might seem kinda harsh , not to talk to him when I am clearly talking to the rest of the clan .. anyway , its better that way .. avoidance of any further issues .. :)

>> PROSBOC Anniversary in JB : 
- Yeay !! CY has decided to go ! Please God , give me the chance to attend this event with no problem at all ! :)

>> My Baby's birthday :
- Baby's birthday is just around the corner ... yeay ! it's 2 years already ... hope its going to be a great year to my dearest darling !!! haha .. will try my best to change to more comfortable 'shoes' ! will try to give you a new pair of 2nd eye .. so that its going to give you better eyesight !! ~ 

>> CY's sad sonata : 
- Trying so hard TO LET GO ! Letting go isn't easy as what I thought .. you guys might be bored of tonnes of time talking bout letting go .. but it never happen .. coz its damn HARD ! or probably I am not that strong to get my hands out of it .. my hands and my heart ... out of it for good .. please god help me to forget just how much I miss him ! for now , I am about to cry .. demmit ! :(

"Cintailah si dia yang nyata mencintai kita..orang yang kita sayang akan pergi meninggalkan kita demi orang yang dia sayang...tapi orang yang menyayangi kita akan sentiasa di sisi kita kerana di hatinya cuma ada diri kita...apa pun jangan terlalu mengharapkan cinta kerana cinta itu mampu untuk berputik, gugur dan berputik semula dan tidak mustahil berulang-ulang sehingga berbuah.seindah,seikhlas, sejujur mana pun dia di mata kita..dia tetap manusia yang bisa untuk berubah pada suatu ketika.."

>> CY's serenade latest : 
- Sejuta Cinta , Marshanda ..
- Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu , Kerispatih .. 
- Sedetik Lebih , Anuar Zain ..
- Di Saat Aku Mencintaimu , Dadali .. 

Indeed , it is so short right ?? Haha ! OK , gtg .. I want to pamper myself with homemade facial mask .. its heaven ! oh yeah .. you guys take care OK ? Don't drink and drive OK ? Love you all !! ~ ;) 
Wassalam .. 

CY's in action .. disaster .. courtesy of K.Anne's BB .. TQ .. ;)

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