Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update : Sekali lagi ... CINTA ?

assalammualaikum .. 

it has been 1 week after my JB's vacation .. 
hmm .. it has been a great weekend .. indeed it is .. frankly it is ! 
travelling alone might be boring at first .. but knowing that a great companion is waiting for you at the destination , it is a fulfilling yet joyous journey .. 
the exact same feeling that I had .. my first flight trip with Rina to Kuching .. the feeling that would never repeats itself even for another 1,000 trips to Borneo .. it is just irreplaceable .. but now , that very own 'adrenaline rush' has vanished .. forever , I guess .. and I pray hard that it would vanish over time .. please time , flies fast please ! :)
thanks to Farra & family for being the best host .. thanks Farra for all the hardships taking me to great places .. felt like I staying there for at least few days more .. it has been a set of great moments .. 

hmm .. what's with the title of this entry ? hmm .. sekali lagi cinta .. :)
is it true that it is so easy to fall in love ? is it true that it is just so easy to say that we love someone ?
recently .. someone stepped in .. 
his presence .. frankly , put up the long lost smile on my face .. and I am happy about that .. 
his presence .. frankly .. for a while , for now .. makes all those past events & memories that I am dying to forget , fade away .. 
thanks to him .. thanks for all the joy & happiness that he dropped into my very own life .. I do appreciate every single thing that he did .. thanks again .. 
thanks for the time given for me to think of the answer to his very simple question .. 
a simple question that seems so hard for me to answer .. as I am so afraid of being 'crushed' again ! as it was so devastating .. it was such a mass destruction ! it damaged the whole system .. 
may Allah help me with the answer to his simple question .. as HE is the ONLY ONE who knows his creations so well .. 

if his presence is for real .. I wished that it is the last & final one .. so I don't have to get stuck at the same proses & life phase all over again .. from time to time .. it is tiring .. coming to the point of giving up .. but I am sure that the Creator is so great that He knows that I can handle such great turbulences .. 
Please Allah .. guide me through this .. please don't let me stumble .. amin ~ 

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