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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update : Finally .. :)

:) assalammualaikum .. 

hmm .. remember bout me and my answer ? 
remember bout him that i talked bout in previous post ? 
mr. teddy .. i prefer to call him that .. coz he's so 'teddy' ! haha ..

me and my answer .. what happened ? 
i said YES ! after 3 days of thinking .. thinking hard ! i meant that .. 
it isn't easy as it seems .. its hard ! but when i had Allah SWT by my side guiding me all through the process , it lessen my burden .. 
its a huge burden .. when i know that his' & my future depends on that very answer ! 

i guess .. my answer puts the smile on his face ! and no doubt , to mine as well !
he said that he is the happiest man in d world ! *drifting through the air* haha !  
it takes 3 days just to say yes to commit .. just imagine giving the final answer for anykind of proposal ! man .. that's gotta be tough ! hehe .. ;) *wink*

really wish that me n him will make this work .. no matter how hard it is .. though it isn't easy to work things out even when we're miles away .. :) 
when less expectations are involved in a relationship , it feels lighter & more relax .. what is there to expect ? when life is so full of colors & sparkles .. just live up the life to the fullest .. past events were never important .. as i want to live this life with the 'present & future him' .. not the 'past him' ..

it is still a long way to go .. a very long way .. the journey just begin .. today .. 19th of July 2011 .. praying that it would be a joyful journey to share together with him even though there will be bumps all over .. amin ..  

may Allah SWT bless the both of us .. 
may Allah SWT guide us both through the journey .. 
may this be the ONE .. :) 
Amin .. 

p/s : Mr. Teddy , Thanks .. Syg awk .. Sy nak TF ek .. ~ 

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