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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update : I am whining .. again .. ~

assalammualaikum .. 

its just a pretty "boring" day for me yesterday .. being stubborn as always , i don't care bout the fact that my eyesight is getting worse ! day by day .. almost got myself into a tragic accident last thursday .. on my way back home after work around 8.45 pm .. probably Allah is giving me signals that i should get myself 'prepared' for any upcoming incidents .. only Allah knows pretty well .. anyway i thanked Allah for my life as for now .. :)

what to do today ? it is Sunday .. demmit , for a single lady like me .. its kinda funny that i had to stay at home .. thinking of nowhere to go ! anyway , i better stay at home and spare some time with Mama .. as Gjoel is not around (on a camping trip to Melaka) .. its a great bonding time .. i guess .. as we always fight ! hahhaahahaa .. there's always dissatisfaction between the 2 of us .. same goes with my Abah .. sometimes i do complained that he always tries very hard to pick up on me and make me mad ! haha .. probably that was his way of telling me that he loves me and cares bout me .. appreciate it guys ..

hmm .. don't feel like talking bout an incident that occurred last week .. its pretty darn i guess .. something that has never happen to me .. i didn't know who to blame for it .. whether its me , myself who triggered that fight .. or it's just the other party being so insensitive, bad tempered and so harsh that he could come up with such vulgar word and cursed me .. anyway , i did feel bad bout what happened .. it changes the whole way i look at him .. it changes the way i react starting from the moment that happened .. it changes almost everything .. it makes me being 'afraid' of coming up with comments , even though i know that something is just not right .. it turns me into a 'ada aku kisah?' kinda person .. which is way against my principle .. i am not that person .. i am 500% sure that i am better than tat kinda person .. i care bout my frens .. that's why i am so outspoken when i knew that something is not right .. does tat means tat , being outspoken & bold is SO WRONG ?? if so , then when i am with my CRS Family , i had to keep my mouth shut , stop giving comments on any single thing & just simply condone to anything tat they did ? OK .. i guess i'll try my very best to stay quiet ! i wish i don't have to see him again .. i wish tat i don't have to see his face again , as i don't know how to react .. as i don't know what to expect during such meet ups .. anyway as much as i hate him , i knew that he hates me as well .. a friend told me that , i am quite harsh and i should apologized to him .. well , i am glad to do that , but thinking tat he had cursed me with such word , it pissed me off ! i hated him even more that anyone can imagine .. i am aware that i can never avoid such meet ups , unless i stayed out of the 'Family' .. which is something tat i am doing right now .. withdrawal from any xtvt .. i know i am unwanted .. i know tat i am a threat to the family's well being .. so , i am happy to leave for good .. i hope i am doing the right thing .. 'avoiding any kinda contact' .. the best way ever ..

ok .. enough talking bout tat guy .. i would like to share few things tat i had this week .. 

4 step shape + Chilli Slimming Gel (bought from .. bought this as part of my diet n slimming scheme ! ;) it works though .. but tat gel is super HOT .. hahaha ..
Woki Toki TYT .. nape CY beli ? saje .. wakaka ..  
Sembonia Handbag .. courtesy of Ma + Abah .. Macih ~

hmm .. life is like a box of chocolate right ? it is full of surprises huh ? i hope tat all those surprises is a good and fruitful ones .. the latest surprise ? had great time chatting with a dear long lost fren .. hmm .. lets just hope tat he stays long enough and never leaves me .. as he's a great fren who's always there to lend his shoulders & shares his insights .. 

i wish tat it is a great day ahead for all of us .. i hope the sun shines brightly above all of us .. may today is better than yesterday , and may every single day ahead is a great learning process to me , you , they & all of us .. :) 

pray very hard that my health , career , family , loved ones , frens are in good shape and doing well .. pray that my heart is accepting every single present events willingly .. hope that my heart is sincere enough .. ~ :)

p/s : my deepest condolences to all the victims of the landslide that hits Rumah Anak Yatim At Takwa , Hulu Langat, Selangor .. may this be a great reminder to all of us .. :( 

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